Who is Serious Monkey? Masterminds.

A Web Design and Development team with a strong focus and a master plan!

A creative and user centric website design process is at the heart of our philosophy. In fact, we enjoy finding intelligent solutions to simple or complex business problems and we achieve this in a way that is uncompromising as it relates to quality. Likewise, we focus on brainstorming solutions that will bring you a positive ROI no matter how you gauge success.

Founded in 2009 with a small design and development team, our clients receive top priority and it often “Feels like I hired my own personal IT and marketing department”- James Loewen. Our team consists of two hardworking and focused people, Melissa Height and Daniel Sevitti.


Daniel Sevitti

Development Lead

Daniel has been working with code for over fifteen years. His passion for purposeful web development has given him the drive to not only create successful client work


Melissa Height

Accounts/Design Lead

Melissa has a creative approach to most things in life and it shows. Her skills have made Serious Monkey the go to for well thought out creative designs and innovative ideas.

With a creative flair this duo has consistently taken client projects from concept to execution within tight timelines and within budget. Likewise, the greatest value you will receive when working with Serious Monkey is the one on one nature and the unwavering will to see you succeed.

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