The Six Steps To Web Site Success

Meeting with you to understand the unique needs of your business is the first step we take to making your website an absolute success. We will assess your goals and suggest some strategies to make your website grow and thrive.

Your planning session will be the most extensive part of your project because this will guarantee that everyone knows what needs to happen and when. Heavy lifting in the beginning of your project will ensure easy execution.
Every detail is meticulously considered to arrive at a highly effective design and remember it’s not about what you like, it’s always about what will attract and appeal to your customers both current and perspective.
Your project begins to take on a look and now it needs to function. Development can vary because each project is unique, however it often starts with a framework of code,then databases, functions and finally documentation or ‘How-to’ guide.
Your project launch will be a seamless transition, since the planning process is so extensive and UX (user experience) testing will have occurred alongside the development phase. Launching your website basically makes it accessible to users.
Just launching your website won’t always make it a success. Search Engine Optimization, Google Analytics and Google AdWords are great ways to manage the success of your new site. If you don’t understand what that all means; don’t worry, we do.

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